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First Friday

Braxton Melancon and his Tupelo Christian Eagles fell short against Marvell, Ark., on Friday.

Braxton Melancon and his Tupelo Christian Eagles fell short against Marvell, Ark., on Friday. (Photo by Shelby Daniel)

The sun was blazing hot, the air was muggy, and darkness brought with it thousands of tiny flying critters. Yes, it was Mississippi football in August.

Of course, I enjoyed it. I covered the season opener for Tupelo Christian, which lost to Marvell, Ark., 19-14. Other signs that it was August: players sucking wind in the first quarter, a cornerback losing his supper just before the play begins. And it was nice and muddy, but the TCPS field held together nicely.

Also, Hebron Christian took one on the chin from West Memphis. And here are Friday’s statewide scores.

Monday officially marks the beginning, for me anyway, of what will be a non-stop autumn season. The high school page returns on Thursday – it will appear on Fridays thereafter, but the number of Thursday games next week made moving it up sensible.

And don’t forget to pick up a Daily Journal tomorrow and check out our 56-page football magazine. Good stuf in there.



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[No Subject]

As you can tell, the pressure is starting to get to me.

As you can tell, the pressure is starting to get to me.

I really have nothing to write about, so you can stop reading now if you like. This is what I like to call Hell Week, because it’s the week before the Football Journal publishes. There are two coaches whom I have yet to track down – Marty Warren and Brian Sims, you know who you are – and much writing still needs to be done. Wah, poor me. At least I’ve gotten most of my pictures pulled together.

I can tell you that this year’s Football Journal will be 56 pages and will, of course, contain previews for all 45 high school teams we cover (43 if those coaches don’t call me back). Plus all the college and juco coverage. Something to occupy you: Who do you think will be on the cover? Hint: Four players.

Now, back to work.


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Yeah, I know, I’ve been slacking off the last few days. I have been working, just not on bloggable stuff (I just invented a new word!).

In case you missed these stories over the weekend, we had a Week 1 football practice update, and we covered a Mooreville-Saltillo softball game. In Tuesday’s Journal, look for a prep notebook, especially if you’re a Tishomingo County or Smithville fan.

I’ve got to get out to some practices this week: Okolona, Aberdeen, Tupelo Christian, among others. We’re less than two weeks from the publication of the Football Journal (Aug. 24). Stuff’s slowly coming together.

I chatted with West Point coach Chris Chambless today, hoping for an update on transfer Markell Lee. All Chambless could tell me is that the 6-foot-5 linebacker, formerly of Corinth, is not yet practicing with the team. He’s apparently taking summer classes to get academically eligible.

Speaking of West Point, ICC and East Mississippi will play a football game there Oct. 18. That’s kind of cool.

I also spoke with Aberdeen coach Chris Duncan, who said his Bulldogs are much further along than they were this time last year in regards to getting schemes put together and learned. Duncan is entering his second season at the helm.


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Week 1 Winds Down

Baldwyn hopes to bust out with an opening win over Booneville on Aug. 28. (Photo by C. Todd Sherman)

Baldwyn hopes to bust out with an opening win over Booneville on Aug. 28. (Photo by C. Todd Sherman)

Got a little news. Holly Springs RB Jay Isom has left the team for personal reasons. He’s not happy about it, and his coach, Clifford Brown, said, “I’m a little dejected myself now.” That’s going to hurt the Hawks, who will now have to depend more heavily on quarterback Demetri Oliver. Senior Chris Scales, among others, will try to fill Isom’s shoes.

We’ll have a Week 1 practice update in Saturday’s Journal. I picked five schools at random – well, mostly random – and will have a little on each. By all means, if any of y’all have been out to your team’s practices, let us all know how things are looking.

I was looking closely at the Week 1 schedule and realized how many great matchups there are: Booneville at Baldwyn, Calhoun City at Vardaman, Ripley at New Albany, Madison Central at Lafayette Co., Shannon at West Point … it’ll be a fun opening weekend. Of course, we’re already planning our coverage, both the content and the quality thereof. But more on that later.

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Underrated Players

Tupelo CB James McAuley – underrated. (Photo by C. Todd Sherman)

Tupelo CB James McAuley – underrated. (Photo by C. Todd Sherman)

I had a column today on Shannon WR William Green, who led the area in receiving yards last season and will be a senior. Being only 5-foot-8, he’s overlooked by a lot of folks, particularly SEC schools. Yeah, well, Bob Sanders is 5-8, too. Hmm.

Green is not alone. Several NeMiss football players are “under the radar” sorts, including RB Richard Freelon of Bruce. Of course, once the season begins, a lot of these guys could start drawing more interest; let’s hope so. Who are some of those other underappreciated players? Off the top of my head, here are a few: LB Rudy Cox, Itawamba AHS; QB Marcus Hinton, Aberdeen; WR/RB/FS Brandon Lawrence, Calhoun City; and CB James McAuley, Tupelo.

Like I said, that’s just off the top of my head. Help me fill in the blanks: Who are some of the area’s best players that almost no one knows about?


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