Football Journal 2008 …

Click here to read the Football Journal 2007 as a PDF. College, High School and Junior College coverage in one place.



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4 responses to “Football Journal 2008 …

  1. roastbeef1

    Great job on the journal this year. By the way, I think I got three of the four players right. I just picked Eason over Snead in it. oh well

    Also, is anyone from the journal going to be covering the Lafayette game? I figured that would be the best game in the area this week.

  2. Thanks. I’m trying to get someone on the Lafayette game. We’ll get it covered.

  3. roastbeef1

    I just saw on Gregg’s blog that he’s resigned and accepted a new position at Mississippi State. He also said you’re going to be the new beat writer so I just wanted to say congrats on moving up. One quick question though, who is going to take your spot on the high school scene? You’ve done such a great job with high school sports, it’s hard to picture someone else doing it.

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