Sleep Deprivation is Fun …

I'm actually asleep in this picture.

I'm actually asleep in this picture.

Especially when you’re hopped up on Amp and Red Bull. Thing is, I’ve never had either one before today. Stuff’s bad for you. But, I worked til 4 a.m. last night on the Football Journal (comes out Sunday!), went to the gym for an hour, grabbed breakfast, took the kids to school, and got back up to the office.

I’m not asking for applause, because poor time management – which has led to this desperate sprint to the finish – deserves none.

Quickly, we had a nice story in today’s Journal about Tupelo football’s Bell twins. Tomorrow, I will have a column on the academies opening their season, and Gene Phelps will file from Tupelo’s scrimmage against West Point, set for tonight, rain permittin’. I was going to check that one out, but I’ll probably crash before then.

Need more Amp. That stuff’s good.


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  1. If you had stock in red bull over the past two days – I just made you rich… The question is why am I still awake now?

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