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As you can tell, the pressure is starting to get to me.

As you can tell, the pressure is starting to get to me.

I really have nothing to write about, so you can stop reading now if you like. This is what I like to call Hell Week, because it’s the week before the Football Journal publishes. There are two coaches whom I have yet to track down – Marty Warren and Brian Sims, you know who you are – and much writing still needs to be done. Wah, poor me. At least I’ve gotten most of my pictures pulled together.

I can tell you that this year’s Football Journal will be 56 pages and will, of course, contain previews for all 45 high school teams we cover (43 if those coaches don’t call me back). Plus all the college and juco coverage. Something to occupy you: Who do you think will be on the cover? Hint: Four players.

Now, back to work.



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7 responses to “[No Subject]

  1. roastbeef1

    4 players? College? High School? Juco? At least tell us the level of play the players are in.

  2. Sorry. One from Ole Miss, one from MSU, one juco, one high school. There you go.

  3. roastbeef1

    Dixon, Eason, McPhee, Garrett

  4. Brad Locke, Brandon Speck, Marlin Williams, and Adam Gore?

  5. tcfan

    Snead, Dixon, Francis, and Garrett?

  6. Adam, who told you! Dangit. Now we’ve gotta do something else.

  7. Kollmeyer told me at media day…

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