Junior Achievers

Itawamba AHS tailback Deshaun McGaughy is one of the area's top juniors. (Photo by Deste Lee)

Itawamba AHS tailback Deshaun McGaughy is one of the area's top juniors. (Photo by Deste Lee)

Boy, this Football Journal is trying to sneak up on me. It goes to press Aug. 22, publishes Aug. 24. I know it’ll all get done, but until it does, I’ll be stressing.

One element I’m trying to finish up is the Players to Watch list. I’ve about got my 12 seniors nailed down, but I’m still seeking info on the area’s top juniors. I know about a few of the guys – Erik Buchanan (Aberdeen), Michael Carr (West Point), Eric Johnson (New Albany), Deshaun McGaughy (Itawamba AHS), to name a few – but I’ve not had the chance to get the full picture.

This is where you can help me out a little. I know a lot of teams will be depending on juniors, because that’s the year a lot of guys first earn a starting role. Which juniors out there do you think will have a good, or great, season?



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5 responses to “Junior Achievers

  1. rebelnate

    I think Hatley has a chance to take the division this year! Your thoughts Brad? I think they make a playoff push at worst.

  2. Hatley? Seriously? You must know something I don’t. That division is thin enough that the Tigers could definitely make a playoff run, but they’re not in Baldwyn’s class. Doesn’t help that their QB had to quit.

  3. jeffkcoach

    Keep an eye on Anthony Franklin, junior QB at Nettleton. He is having a great fall camp. He has a stronger arm than Jami Boland, just not the decision making ability and quick release that Jami has. I look for big things out of Frankilin and the Tiger Offense this year.

  4. I agree coach – I was real impressed with Franklin when he played in the Vardaman jamboree before the close of the school year last year.

  5. tyndall15

    You also may want to check out Asian Ruff @ IAHS. He is about 6-3 and 180 or so and I know he has gone to some combine’s but not sure official stats. I hearhe has got some very good speed.

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