Underrated Players

Tupelo CB James McAuley – underrated. (Photo by C. Todd Sherman)

Tupelo CB James McAuley – underrated. (Photo by C. Todd Sherman)

I had a column today on Shannon WR William Green, who led the area in receiving yards last season and will be a senior. Being only 5-foot-8, he’s overlooked by a lot of folks, particularly SEC schools. Yeah, well, Bob Sanders is 5-8, too. Hmm.

Green is not alone. Several NeMiss football players are “under the radar” sorts, including RB Richard Freelon of Bruce. Of course, once the season begins, a lot of these guys could start drawing more interest; let’s hope so. Who are some of those other underappreciated players? Off the top of my head, here are a few: LB Rudy Cox, Itawamba AHS; QB Marcus Hinton, Aberdeen; WR/RB/FS Brandon Lawrence, Calhoun City; and CB James McAuley, Tupelo.

Like I said, that’s just off the top of my head. Help me fill in the blanks: Who are some of the area’s best players that almost no one knows about?



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3 responses to “Underrated Players

  1. Some names I am looking to have a big season:

    Perez Welch – DL – Baldwyn – Sr
    Cleveland Freelon – Ath – Bruce – Sr
    Dustin Carr – OL – Bruce – Sr
    Bo Brown – Ath – Booneville – Jr
    Drew Cristo – WR – Booneville – Jr
    Jerion Jones – Ath – Booneville – Jr
    J.R. Jennings – QB – Calhoun City – Jr
    Gene Ruth – QB – Vardaman – Sr
    Jeremy Penson – OL – Vardaman – Jr
    Ty Mitchell – WR – Vardaman – Jr
    Xavier Humphries – WR – Vardaman – Sr
    Kevin Barnett – LB – Vardaman – Sr
    Justin Moss – OL – Pontotoc – Sr
    Canden Dallas – QB – Pontotoc – Jr
    Xavian Evans – LB – Pontotoc – Sr

    Keep your eye on the Penson kid from Vardaman – big guy scary speed!!! Could make a lot of noise this season to be a hot item as a senior…

  2. roastbeef1

    Deshaun McGaughy of IAHS. the guy’s insane

  3. Good list, Adam. And yes, McGaughy is scary good. He’ll have to play well while Miller settles in at QB.

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