Link of the Day, Etc.

A quick note on the North/South All-Star Basketball Games, to be played July 12 at Mississippi College: Starkville center Chris Brand has been replaced on the North boys roster by Nettleton guard Jamal Farr. Lost seven inches but picked up a more polished player. Also, Provine guard Carl Blair has been replaced by Humphreys Co. forward/center Michael Starks, so they got some height back there. On the North girls roster, Murrah forward Brandi Simmons was replaced by Horn Lake guard Inessa Adams.

In football news, Okolona is close to hiring a new coach. Athletics director Bobby Ford has recommended a coach to the school board, which will meet July 14 – Monday after next – to, we hope, approve him. I know the name, but I have granted Ford’s request not to reveal it just yet (nothing to keep any of y’all from doing so, if you know who it is, wink wink). Okolona’s had a tough time getting a replacement for Ken Byars, and Thrasher’s still searching after losing James Moore.

Now, for the Link of the Day. You learned last month about Tennessee’s move to a six-class system for its football playoffs. Now they’re trying to do it for basketball and other sports. It would double the number of state champs, which to me dilutes the whole thing.


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