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I’ve never selected an All-Area baseball team by position, because frankly, there just aren’t that many great second basemen out there. Usually, a team’s best player is put on the left side of the outfield and/or at pitcher. On this year’s first team, there are five players who logged heavy innings on the hill.

However, there is a better variety than usual. The other five are strictly position players. So, if I wanted, I could put this team out on the field without having to place any players in an unfamiliar position. Here’s what I came up with, batting order and all.

1. Ladarrius Cole, CF, Nettleton: A left-hander with speed, and he’s an outstanding glove. He played left field for Nettleton, but center’s a good fit.
2. Zach Chavers, SS, Pontotoc: Was a leadoff hitter this year, batting .515 with nine homers. This puts him back at his old lineup spot.
3. Daniel Tunnell, 2B, New Albany: He’s mainly a third baseman, but he’s played every infield position. Developed into a major force this year.
4. Gardner Richey, LF, Tupelo: Did you see the shot he hit in Game 3 against Ocean Springs? If I were pitching, he’s the last guy I’d want to face.
5. Jake Sloan, DH, Hatley: Plays shortstop, but I like Chavers a little better there. Great place in the lineup for a left-hander with pop.
6. Jordan Moore, 3B, Calhoun City: Delta State signee can do it all. He whacked 10 home runs and gobbled up everything that came his way at third (.990 FLD%).
7. Evan Weibel, C, Tupelo: He actually batted leadoff for the Wave. He’s not your typical slow catcher and has a .521 OBP.
8. Seth George, RF, Tishomingo Co.: Nothing like some speed at the bottom of your order. As for his defense, check out this sweet catch he made against New Hope.
9. Zane Treadaway, 1B, East Union: This is the only guy I’m putting way out of position. He’s an outfielder when not pitching, but he’s also left-handed, so he’ll be fine.
Pitcher – Chris Stratton, Tupelo: Our Player of the Year has a good repertoire, great command, and he’s only a junior.
Head coach: Gary Enis,Tupelo (Coach of the Year).
Assistant coaches: Rex Berryman, Mooreville; Wes Johnson, East Webster.

Man, this team could do some damage.



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7 responses to “All-Area Baseball, Softball

  1. I have to agree with Cole being in the lead off spot – he is one of the best lead off batters I have seen in covering high school baseball… Not to mention his glove, but your headline picture proves that…

  2. I meant to link to tcfan’s video of Seth George’s sweet catch, but I forgot (I wrote the blog several days before posting it, and I’m on vacation). I couldn’t find it, so sorry about that, folks. But trust me, it was a great play.

  3. msfan20

    Brad, why do always give coach of the year to the team that has the best season? A lot of the time they also have the most talent and should win that many games, if not more, in some cases. I think Enis does a decent job at Tupelo, but I can name a handful of coaches I thought did a much better job. Just because their team doesn’t get to the state finals or win it, doesn’t mean that they didn’t do the best coaching job around.

  4. badwaterboy

    Yeah I can’t stand berryman but what he did with his team was alot tougher than Tupelo.

  5. You both make a good point about Berryman. And Berryman was considered, along with a handful of others. In defense of our choice, I thought Enis did a tremendous job dealing with the lofty expectations cast upon his team, not to mention the injuries that riddled his pitching staff.

    I don’t think I “always” give the award to the coach whose team does best. I guess I have in baseball, but I’ve only been in charge of the All-Area teams for three years. If I followed that philosophy in other sports, then Chris Kidd (fast-pitch), Chris Duncan (Aberdeen), Shane Montgomery (2007 fast-pitch), and others would not have won.

    It’s rarely an easy choice. Anyway, thanks for y’all’s input. I just got back from vacation and look forward to getting the summer rolling.

  6. tcfan

    Brad, I think you might be referring to Lee Griffin instead of Seth George as far as that catch goes.

    I may be wrong though.

  7. You might be right. But I do know that George plays good defense.

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