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First of all, I leave town tomorrow for a week’s vacation. So you’ll hear little if anything from me in that time.

Here is today’s link, about a St. Louis basketball powerhouse being stripped of three state championships for using ineligible players that the coach recruited. That coach is now in prison for mail and wire fraud.

There are always rumblings around this state that certain programs recruit players. I know it happens, because it happens everywhere. At some point this summer, I hope to explore the issue of transfers, because I know of a few kids whose eligibility I’d question (and I will question it).

But for now, I’ve got to get ready for my vacation. And remember, our All-Area baseball and softball teams will be released Sunday. I will post something that day, and then I’ll probably go swimming.


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  1. charleston11

    It is happening in the state and in this area of Lee County. It’s a shame it has to happen but it is and some schools get away with it while others do not.

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