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Many of you have accused the MHSAA of being concerned with the almighty dollar above everything else. I know they’re always looking for ways to make more money, and I wonder if they’ll follow the lead of Alabama.

The Birmingham News’ Ray Melick has a column on the AHSAA and its efforts to increase cash flow via broadcast rights fees, corporate sponsorships and site bids. That last avenue could create the biggest public reaction, because Auburn and Alabama want to host the state’s football and basketball championships on a rotating basis.

As you probably know, I think the MHSAA needs to find new venues for its football and basketball championships. It might have no choice on the football front if Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium is demolished (which it needs to be; I’ll have more on that topic later today). Putting locale aside for a moment, I wonder what y’all would think if Ole Miss and MSU were to host the championships.


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  1. I hope they don’t up the broadcasting fees anymore it has made large jumps every year for the past four years…

    FedEx dishes out a pretty penny to sponsor the football state championships, but as for site bids I don’t know if I trust that in the system we already have… Never know when a “mystery bidder” will pop up out of the blue like it did with the Grand Slam in Tupelo…

    I wouldn’t mind if Ole Miss or MSU played host to the state championship football games, but would it be fair to the teams in the south part of the state… Would Southern be able to dish out the same kind of money to get a chance to host the games? Or what about the Delta with Delta State?

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