All-MPSA Baseball Team

I know this is pretty lame for a Monday post – nothing against these guys – but there is nothing I feel is worthy opining on. Plus, I’m working on some stuff for later in the week. Anyway, here’s the team, with area guys in bold.

First Team
Caleb Reed, Bayou Aca.
Eric Boyd, Parklane Aca.
Corey Dickerson, Brookhaven Aca.
Daniel Allen, Pillow Aca.
Kaleb Barlow, Jackson Prep
Brandon Simon, Wilkinson CCA
Mark Husband, Tunica
Paul Mangialardi, Bayou Aca.
Chase Wroten, Hillcrest Christian
Shane Campbell, Marshall Aca.
Tyler Fitzgerald, Simpson Aca.
Gage Wilkinson, Central Private
Derek Beach, Heidelberg Aca.
Stephen Roberson, Oak Hill Aca.
Luke Maddox, Jackson Prep
Josh Rogers, Hillcrest Christian
Kurt Schneider, Jackson Prep
Second Team
Thomas Bourgeois, Central Private
Cory McClendon, Bayou Aca.
Jeremy Massie, Magnolia Heights
Colby Byrd, Brookhaven Aca.
Nick Schneeberger, Jackson Prep
Tyler Sanders, Marshall Aca.
Allen Johnson, Leake Aca.
Austin Hartzog, Hillcrest Christian
German Hays, Oak Forest Aca.
Pate Shackelford, Pillow Aca.
Alex Lummus, Oak Hill Aca.
Cody Worthy, Benton Aca.
Jeremy Vaughn, Starkville Aca.
Matthew Freeman, Trinity Episcopal
Walker Brown, Jackson Aca.
Stephen Capistran, Simpson Aca.
Channing Martin, Kirk Aca.
Luke Brumfield, Adams Christian


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