NEMCABB Baseball

Photo by Shelby Daniel

The annual NEMCABB All-Star Baseball Games will be held in Corinth today. My preview in today’s paper focused on New Albany’s Daniel Tunnell, who had a breakout season for the Bulldogs.

The 3A/4A/5A game is at 2 p.m., with the 1A/2A to follow at 5:30. Both will be nine-inning games, which means I’m going to be there a while. Apparently the only substitution rule is that you must make at least five per inning. I’m not even going to try using my scorebook; I’ll have to figure out another method for keeping track.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of players I didn’t get to watch during the season: Guys like Tunnell, Ricky Ware (Houston), Adam Kay (Belmont), Hunter Leech (Smithville) and Jake Sloan (Hatley). I’d love to blog it live, but I don’t think Jesse Bynum Field has wi-fi. Maybe I’ll do it via my phone. I’ll at least post an update after the games.


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