Coaches: All-Area Time

I just went over the nominations I’ve received so far for the Daily Journal’s All-Area baseball and fast-pitch softball teams. I have received nominations from 13 baseball coaches and seven softball coaches. The deadline for submissions: FRIDAY!!!

That means a lot people out there need to get on the ball. You know who you are. Just send me your nominations and include each player’s class, position, all stats (and I mean all of them), and postseason honors. E-mail them to, or fax to 842-2233. Again, the deadline is FRIDAY!!!

That’s in three days. That’s plenty of time, especially with school out, and much thanks to the coaches who have already sent theirs in.

There will be three teams selected in each sport, along with players and coaches of the year. I’ve already picked our top coach and player in baseball (you can guess, but I’m not telling), and I’m pretty close on the softball. That’s the easy part. The hard part is picking the teams, specifically the second and third teams. The first team usually picks itself; any dolt could do it (which I’m sure leaves some of you critics grasping for ways to explain my basketball All-Area teams; keep grasping, I enjoy watching it).

So all you fans out there, nag your coach until he or she sends in those nominations. Because, you know, the deadline is FRIDAY!!!



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7 responses to “Coaches: All-Area Time

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  2. Hey man… I am working on the same thing so I sent out mass text messages to the coaches I have in both our areas – maybe that will generate some information for us… I had a few coaches say they had almost forgot about sending it…

    As you can see I linked your blog on my blog as well…

  3. Thanks, dude. I need to figure out how to send mass texts. I also need to put all my coaches’ numbers in my phone, in case our system goes kablooie.

  4. rebelnate

    Stop complaining and call them and do YOUR job.

  5. Simmer down, nate. Yeah, I’ll just pick up the phone and call all 100 or so baseball and softball coaches, because I have that kind of time. This is how it’s always worked with All-Area, because it’s the easiest and most logical way of doing it. If a coach doesn’t want to nominate anyone, that’s on them. I’m not holding anyone’s hand.

    My ploy obviously worked, because my inbox was stuffed with nominations today.

  6. rebelnate

    Just picking at ya Brad. You do a awesome job of covering the high school scene.

  7. bbismylife08

    This is for REBELNATE! What do you have agaist Jake Sloan? Do you even know him? You make alot of comments downing him and I was just wondering whats up?

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