No Holiday Here

Happy Memorial Day, and many thanks to those who’ve served our country so faithfully. Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday. As for me, I’m in the office, because I’ve got a ton of work to do.

Much of that work involves what you’ll see in Friday’s Journal. I’ll be looking back at the 2007-08 school year and the highlights it provided on the fields and courts. I’ll have the top 10 stories, the best performances, the best photos, and a lot more stuff.

I’ve also got All-Area baseball and softball teams to compile, along with players and coaches of the year. And on Saturday, the NEMCABB All-Star Games will be played in Corinth.

I’m always surprised by how busy my summers are at the Journal. You’d expect things to slow down, and they do, but there is always something to work on. We’ve got the Crossroads Diamond Club All-Star Baseball Games on June 7, the same day as the NEMBCA All-Star Basketball Games at ICC. I’ll have one or two projects to occupy me, and I’m already thinking about the big football tab.

Somehow, I’m going to squeeze a week’s vacation in there. But as in previous years, I’ll probably sneak in some work time. I can’t help myself.


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  1. Hahahahaha good luck find that vacation time.

    I’m a lot like you as soon as I sit down to catch my breath from one sports season it always seems like I am behind on the next.

    Another great job by you guys this season at the DJ!

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