Tupelo vs. Ocean Springs, Game 3

Box score:

Ocean Springs 5, Tupelo 4 (8 inn.)
Tupelo    112    000    00    –    4    10    1
Ocean Springs    002    010    11    –    5    10    1
WP: Michael Baxter (9-1). LP: Chris Stratton (10-1).
Multiple hits: (T) Kyle Thornton 3, Gardner Richey, Joseph Koon; (OS) Justin Garriga, Patrick Kirkland, Robert Wineski. 2B: (T) Richey, Stratton, Koon; (OS) Wineski, Garriga. 3B: (T) Thornton. HR: (T) Richey.
Records: Tupelo 32-7, Ocean Springs 29-9.

Bottom 8th: Stratton is lifted after a leadoff single by Noblin. Junior Jacob McGregor is in the game, and he just hit a batter. Two on, one out for top of the order, Garriga. … Garriga single to center, Flanagan’s throw home a hair late. Reynolds scores, game over. 5-4 again.

Top 8th: Runners at second and third, one out for Matthews. … Nettles taken out, Michael Baxter brought in to pitch. … Matthews just scorched one, but the first baseman reached out and snagged it. … Bases loaded for Roberts, two outs. … Strikeout swinging. Inning over. Stratton still in the game.

Bottom 7th: Two on, one out for Wineski. … Grounder to deep short, throw to second off-line, Reynolds scores to tie it. Tupelo’s arguing about something, not sure what. Runner interference? He just slid in as the ball got there, looked clean. Stay tuned. … Two on, one out for Nettles. … Odd double play: 4-3-2. The runner from second rounded third as Tupelo made the out at first, and he was nailed at home. To the eighth!

Middle 7th: Weibel’s leadoff single was erased by a double play. Three outs, guys. Three outs.

End 6th: Nice inning for Stratton, who retired the leadoff man after falling behind 3-0. Three outs from a title. Some insurance runs would be nice. Top of the order due up: Weibel, Flanagan, Richey.

Middle 6th: 1-2-3 for Tupelo. The Wave has had just two hits over the last three innings, and neither of those left the infield. Nettles is finding a groove.

End 5th: Ocean Springs cut it to 4-3. Patrick Kirkland singled, and his courtesy runner, Michael Reynolds, eventually scored on a wild pitch.

Middle 5th: For the second time tonight, a Tupelo courtesy runner was caught stealing. This time it was on a pitch that skittered just a few feet away from the catcher. Poor decision.

End 4th: Stratton settles down.

Middle 4th: Tupelo had two on, one out, and Nettles fanned Flanagan and Richey.

End 3rd: Wineski made it 4-2 with a two-out, two-run single. Stratton has been missing on his pitches all of a sudden, mostly high. Nathan Flanagan just made a diving catch in center to end the inning.

Top 3rd: Stratton just stroked a two-run double to chase Wineski. It’s 4-0, and Matt Nettles is in to pitch with a runner on second, one out. … Middle 3rd, 4-0.

End 2nd: Still 2-0. Ocean Springs had runners thrown out at home and at third.

Middle 2nd: Tupelo adds another run on Weston Roberts‘ sac fly. Lot of long flyball outs by Tupelo so far – well, three out of six outs. The Wave hasn’t hit a line drive yet.

End 1st: Still 1-0. Stratton began and ended the inning with strikeouts.

Middle 1st: Tupelo goes up 1-0 on a Gardner Richey solo blast to left-center. Killed it. Kyle Thornton almost did the same to right field, but it hit near the top of the tall wall out there. He got a triple and was stranded.

First pitch at 7 p.m. Starters: Chris Stratton (10-0) for Tupelo, Robert Wineski (9-3) for Ocean Springs. The Greyhounds won Game 1 on Thursday, 5-4 in nine innings. The Golden Wave then won 5-4 in eight innings on Friday.

Ocean Springs is seeking its first state title; Tupelo is going for No. 3 and first since winning back-to-back in 1992 and ’93.



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4 responses to “Tupelo vs. Ocean Springs, Game 3

  1. Gregg Ellis

    Good job on the blog, guys. Otherwise, I’d have to be texting you about the scores.

  2. dstesports08

    sounds like an awesome game. All games have been hard fought, so it was only necessary for the last one to go out like this.

  3. Gregg Ellis

    Hey, free baseball. I know you all are excited. No excuse to miss deadline, though.

  4. www.tupelopix.com

    Oh well, great seasons always have to come to an end…

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