Hamilton vs. Richton, Game 3

Box score:

Richton 6, Hamilton 5
Hamilton    100    130    0    –    5    8    2
Richton    005    010    x    –    6    6    2
WP: JaCoby Jones (10-3). LP: Dylan Earnest (10-3).
Multiple hits: (H) Isaac Winders 3. 2B: (H) Chase Reeves; (R) Chase Williamson, Jordan Cochran, Zach Crane. 3B: (H) Winders; (R) Jones.
Records: Hamilton 24-11, Richton 26-7.

Top 7th: Winders gets an infield single, looping it over the pitcher’s mound. Do ya bunt here? … Yes, but you’re not supposed to pop out to the pitcher, as McCartney just did. … Reeves flies out to deep right. Woulda been a homer in a normal high school park. A lot of balls I’ve seen hit these last couple of days have been like that. It’s up to Frembgen now. … He flies out to shallow center. Richton wins, 6-5. Another heartbreak for Hamilton. Great effort, though. Coulda folded.

End 6th: Still 6-5. Hamilton’s down to its last three outs. The top of the order is due up: Isaac Winders, McCartney and Reeves. Jones is still on the mound for Richton. He stands to win it after blowing it for Edwards.

End 5th: Richton 6, Hamilton 5. Jordan Cochran ripped a two-out, two-strike double off Earnest.

Top 5th: Chase Reeves just hit a two-run double with one out. 5-4, two men in scoring position for Frembgen. … Frembgen strikes out, Dylan Earnest intentionally walked, and McCartney scores on a wild pitch. 5-5. And we go to the bottom half. Got ourselves a ballgame.

End 4th: Still 5-2. JaCoby Jones on the hill for Edwards.

Middle 4th: Hamilton gets a run on a dropped fly ball. 5-2.

End 3rd: Richton 5, Hamilton 1.

It’s the little things that kill you. Edwards just struck out swinging on a ball in the dirt, but Hamilton catcher Travis Frembgen didn’t throw down to first; he threw to second to try to get that runner. Had no chance of getting him. Bad decision. And he just scored on a single, as did another runner. 5-1 Richton.

Bottom 3rd: Richton takes the lead 3-1. Zach Crane doubled, and he scored when Joel Cochran bunted and Hamilton made a poor throw to first (Cochran was safe anyway; shouldn’t have thrown it). Then JaCoby Jones tripled home Cochran, and Chase Williamson just doubled in Jones. Still no outs, meeting on the hill.

End 2nd: Same score. Earnest just struck out the side. He’s looking sharp.

End 1st: Hamilton 1, Richton 0. The Rebels got their leadoff man on but stranded him at second base.

Top 1st: Hamilton strikes early. Isaac Winders had a leadoff triple and scored on Kevin McCartney‘s groundout. One away for Chase Reeves. … 1-0 heading to the bottom half.

First pitch right at 4 p.m. Game on.

We’re about a half-hour away from Game 3 of the Class 2A championship series. Richton won Game 1 on Saturday, 4-2, and Hamilton won 1-0 last night.

Today’s starters: For Hamilton (visitors today), sophomore Dylan Earnest. He’s 10-2, and he took the Game 1 loss despite yielding just one earned run. For Richton, senior Chantse Edwards. He’s 8-2 and has not yet pitched in this series. Richton has good pitching depth, but Hamilton does, too. That could be today’s big factor.

Richton is the defending state champ. Hamilton has won three titles but lost in the finals five times under coach Lewis Earnest.


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    Looking forward to the updates Brad. Thanks.

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