State Finals: Mooreville vs. Sumrall

Final: Sumrall 12, Mooreville 1.

Top 7th: Sumrall leads 12-1. Closing in on its first state title. Boy do they deserve it. They’ve out-classed Mooreville in every phase of the game.

Bottom 6th: Sorry. Musta fallen asleep there. Mooreville trails 10-1.

Top 5th: Berryman keeps switching pitchers. Gregory re-entered to start the inning, faced two batters, then Wheeler came in to face one batter, and now Cody Franks is in. So that’s six pitchers, with Gregory and Wheeler throwing twice apiece. And Sumrall goes up 8-1 on a throwing error. … Now 9-1 on a Whitehead RBI single. And now we head to the bottom half.

End 4th: Mooreville finally pushes one across, 7-1. Roseberry has yielded two hits and thrown only 53 pitches (34 for strikes). Gregory back in to pitch for Mooreville.

Middle 4th: Sumrall leads 7-0. The Bobcats scored six runs on five hits and one error that inning. Looks to be all but over for Mooreville.

Top 4th: Sumrall goes up 4-0 on an RBI single by Roseberry and a two-run hit by Michael McGrew. Kingsley is lifted for Drew Wheeler with no outs. … Sumrall gets two more on a Bryn Whitehead single. 6-0.

End 3rd: 1-2-3 inning for the Troopers, who have just one hit against Roseberry.

End 2nd: Still 1-0 Sumrall. Mooreville had the bags loaded, one out and couldn’t push anyone across.

Top 2nd: Bases loaded for Roseberry, no outs. … Wow, the umps screw up again. A grounder to third, Tyler Moore steps on the bag, throws home for the second out, and then the catcher, Kyle Emison, throws back to third. Mooreville tags out the guy that was just forced out, and the ump calls him out again. Mooreville leaves the field, and the Sumrall coach alertly tells his runners to keep going. They wind up at second and third as a Mooreville player hustles to pick up the ball. Finally, the umps send the Sumrall runners back to first and second, with two outs. Got it?

Top 2nd: Gregory’s pulled after allowing a leadoff single. Ben Kingsley comes in.

Well, now it’s been reversed again. I wasn’t looking, but I’m told that Gregory clearly balked, making a move for home and then stepping off and throwing to third. Maybe you can’t call a balk after calling the guy out, I don’t know. Right now, players from both teams have batting helmets on. … Mooreville’s up to start the bottom of the 1st. Sheesh.

Top 1st: Sumrall up 1-0 on Adrian Lee‘s RBI infield single. That’s Sumrall’s second infield single of the inning to go with a seeing-eye single. Gregory caught a line smash and doubled off the runner from first, so it could’ve been worse. Gregory just picked Lee off, as the latter headed for third early. Sumrall thought Gregory balked; I wasn’t watching. Oh wait, they reversed the call, saying Gregory balked and Lee is awarded third base. Now Berryman’s out to talk, and his team is still in the dugout.

Mooreville will be the home team. Sumrall won Game 1 on Friday, 8-3. Starting for Sumrall will be senior Jim Roseberry. Mooreville will counter with sophomore D.J. Gregory, but look for coach Rex Berryman to keep him on a short leash.



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2 responses to “State Finals: Mooreville vs. Sumrall

  1. charleston11

    What kind of crowd is at this game?
    Are you going to updtae inning by inning?

  2. Sorry I didn’t see your comment, charleston11. There were about 800 there, mostly from Sumrall. I’ll be doing a by-inning update for today’s games. More on that in my newest post.

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