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We had a couple of things in the paper today:

COLUMN: ‘Phenomenon’ brings recruits into spotlight

It’s Adair’s time to be the teacher

I’d heard rumblings of discontent from up Ripley way about Trent Adair being hired to replace Harvey Childers as basketball coach. He’s got a dang good résumé for someone so “inexperienced,” though. As one coach told me yesterday, high school athletics is starting to resemble college athletics when it comes to coaches. Everybody wants a proven veteran who will put a winner on the court now.

I believe Adair will be fine. So today’s question for you: Is Adair a good fit at Ripley?



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4 responses to “In Today’s Journal

  1. tyndall15

    Will the high school combine be open to the public? I assume it will be held at Tupelo H.S. Any thoughts on who from Tupelo may be invited?

  2. It will be at THS, but I’m not sure if it’s open to the public. A handful of Tupelo players will participate. The ones I know of: QB Chris Garrett, WR Justin Bean, WR Chad Bumphis, DL Deauntay Payne, DL DeAndre O’Neal.

  3. tcfan

    Brad, speaking of basketball, Pritchard is participating in the USA Junior Nationals Festival in Columbus, Ohio on July 21-27. Saw that in our local newspaper yesterday.

  4. tcfan

    Oh yeah, btw, thanks for the stats.

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