Today & Tomorrow

The baseball and softball playoffs resume today. We’re only covering a couple of games, because we’ve got the prep page tomorrow, and space is limited. We’ll hit it hard Friday and Saturday. Speaking of the prep page, we’ll have stories on spring football, baseball’s new coin flip rule, and Itawamba AHS tennis player Courtney Collins.

In today’s Journal, I had a column and Gene Phelps wrote a story on Tupelo’s Kyle Thornton. Coming later today, I’ll post some spring football notes.



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7 responses to “Today & Tomorrow

  1. rebelnate

    Hey Brad I will be at the Amory- Sentatobia game how can I give updates on scores?

  2. Updates to the general public? Not sure. I know there’s a way to do that on blogs, but I don’t have that feature right now. Maybe tcfan can help me out on that one.

  3. tcfan

    If you have text messaging on your phone, it’s basically that simple. Let me explain for you rebelnate.

    1) go to

    2) click CUSTOMIZE under option A (not B or A+B)

    3) under KEYWORD: type something like “AmoryBaseball” or “SenatobiaBaseball” (don’t use spaces in between the words), then type something in INITIAL WIDGET CONTENTS, it really doesn’t matter what you type, it’ll disappear once you update this via cell phone. Then select your color.

    4) Then click GET HTML FOR WIDGET

    5) At this point, you will need to go through the registration process. Just type in your phone number and email, and they’ll send you a msg on your phone that has a password, type it in the place where it is asked.

    6) You will come to a page that has a place where it says COPY AND PASTE THE TEXT BELOW, in that box SELECT ALL (starts with , select all of that, and copy it. I would suggest pasting it in Microsoft Works or Word and saving it. You can now paste that into Brad’s blog here UNDER COMMENTS and we can check the score under your comment.

    NOW, the hard part’s over. All you need to do now when you’re at the game is type in “UPDATE AMORYBASEBALL THEN THE SCORE”

    So let’s say for example you named your widget AMORYBASEBALL and you’re at the game and it’s 3-0 Amory in the bottom of the fifth. You would type in: update amorybaseball amory 3-0 bottom 5th.

    Then, send the text to 41411. You will now have updated it for everyone to see.

    Sorry that was a lot. Hope I helped:). It’s really not that hard, just follow the instructions.

  4. tcfan

    Error on Step 6. On the second line where it says starts with, it should be “starts with “

  5. tcfan

    Now I know what I’m doing wrong, lol, it thinks it reads something I’m spacing this out for it won’t mark it out, but ON STEP 6 on the second line it starts with . If it still says nothing in between WITH and IF, my bad. Just copy and paste what’s in the box where it tells you to.

  6. luckydog20

    Brad, When is the Daily Journal gonna realize that the Tupelo Girls Softball team is not the #1 team in the area. I have seen Tupelo, Nettleton, and East Webster play and I can tell you Tupelo should be 3rd. Nettleton should be 1st and East Webster is a close 2nd.

  7. You make a valid point, luckydog. The dilemma I always face this time of year is what to do with a team once it’s been eliminated from the playoffs. Tupelo is out of the 5A playoffs, but Nettleton and East Webster are still in … in 3A and 1A, respectively.

    Of course, classification usually doesn’t matter around here when it comes to softball. That’s why I really did consider making Nettleton my No. 1 this week, and with two more rankings still to come out, the Lady Tigers have a shot at that. I’m keeping an open mind about it.

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