Baseball Playoffs: Game Changes

The bad weather that is supposed to visit us Friday has caused at least two baseball playoff games to be moved up to today. In Class 3A, Houston and Corinth start at 6 p.m. In 1A, Wheeler and Vardaman begin at 5, while Ingomar and Falkner begin at 7.

Also in 1A, Drew will play a doubleheader today at Hickory Flat starting at 2 p.m. Drew was supposed to have homefield advantage, but they decided to give it up for some reason. A mystery, indeed.

I’ll let y’all know if any more games get moved.

Here’s what we had in today’s Journal:

Golden Wave deals with loss

COLUMN: Help is just a phone call away

On Friday’s prep page, we’ll have stories on Amory baseball, Tupelo golf and Mooreville’s “new” slow-pitch softball coach. Plus rankings, Players of the Week, etc.



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6 responses to “Baseball Playoffs: Game Changes

  1. rebelnate

    What going on with Amory baseball?

  2. Oh, I’m just doing a feature story on the Panthers getting back to their winning ways. Had a good interview with coach Chad Williams.

  3. rebelnate

    Those guys are still really young to. They could be hell for the next couple of years. I think Chad has finally got it where he wants it now.

  4. irish5

    I believe Drew’s field is not very conducive to holding water. We had a game scheduled with them earlier in the season that was moved to our field for that reason.

  5. irish5

    Anyplace I can find an actual bracket? Just wondering where everyone goes from here.

  6. irish5: See my post two before this one.

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