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I’m working on the fast-pitch playoff brackets right now. I’ll get those posted this afternoon. Here’s some of what we had in today’s paper:

Foster integrates players into THS system

Teams fight past tough losses

Coaching Qs: Grant Pate

Tops in 2-5A, Wave tennis keeps options open

And here are the new baseball and softball rankings, for what they’re worth. I know it’s odd that Lafayette County went from unranked to No. 3, but nearly every team had at least one ugly loss the past week. It’s a mess.

(Records through Wednesday)
Team    Rcd    Pvs
1. Tupelo    21-0    1
2. Tishomingo Co.    20-3    3
3. Lafayette Co.    16-6    NR
4. Oxford    18-6    4
5. New Albany    21-6    2
6. Houston    16-5    5
7. South Pontotoc    12-7    7
8. Nettleton    15-5    6
9. North Pontotoc    15-8    NR
10. Mooreville    18-5    9
Dropped out: Pontotoc (16-9), Calhoun City (18-5).

(Records through Wednesday)
Team    Rcd    Pvs
1. Tupelo    21-3    1
2. Kossuth    23-3    2
3. Nettleton    16-1    4
4. North Pontotoc    18-4    NR
5. East Webster    20-3    NR
Dropped out: South Pontotoc (17-7), Booneville (8-5).



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2 responses to “In Today’s Journal

  1. tcfan

    Brad, I was going to give you a heads up. The Tishomingo County Vidette reported this week that TC had a new basketball boys coach, assistant Coach Borden. I know that to be true….BUT

    There’s been speculation on where Chip Johnson (former head coach) is going. The Vidette reported that Chip requested to be transferred to the freshman boys/girls, but I’ve heard around that he got the Falkner boys job. I also heard Iuka’s Shannon Edmondson (middle school coach) has been promoted to assistant coach. Try and find something out about that if you can.

  2. Chip Johnson has been hired at Falkner. I didn’t know they’d already filled his spot at TC, though. Thanks. I’ll have a little something on it in tomorrow’s Journal.

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