Tupelo No. 2 Twice Over

In case you missed the paper today, Tupelo is ranked No. 2 in the nation in USA Today’s first Super 25 rankings of the season. The Golden Wave (21-0) is also No. 2 according to Baseball America.

USAT’s No. 1 team is Owasso, Okla., which is 18-0. I thought they only did football and wrestling over there. I bet Tupelo could take ’em.



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6 responses to “Tupelo No. 2 Twice Over

  1. tyndall15

    How healthy is Tupelo going into tournament time, especially pitchers?

  2. Very healthy. Kyle Thornton has had some trouble with his labrum, but they’re so deep, it probably won’t matter. They’ve got relievers who can start.

    Tupelo’s regular season ends April 17 at South Panola.

  3. tcfan

    I see a Tupelo vs. Oak Grove 5A final. That’ll be a series to see.

  4. msfan20

    Owasso and Tupelo would probably be a battle if Owasso still has the same level of talent they had when I say them play. Believe it or not, but them and Jenks, their rivals, have facilities that rival some large D-1 public universities. Jenks has a indoor practice Facility that was build 5 or 6 years ago that cost a little over 5 million dollars. It must be nice. They are both suburbs of Tulsa and their facilities are nicer than the University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts.

  5. Thanks for the inside info, msfan. They sound impressive. They have a lot of good baseball in Oklahoma?

  6. msfan20

    I don’t really know, just got some friends that live in the Tulsa area and I have been to see them play a couple of times when I have been out there. I wanting to say that the last time I was out there they told me that Owasso and Jenks had 2 or 3 former players each that are playing major league baseball. Owasso has finished in the top 5 in the USA Today poll several times. I believe it was last year that they was #1 in the nation and got beat in the State Finals to suffer their first losses all year.

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