Chris Garrett & LSU

Chris Garrett

Oh, the vitriol adults will spew at teenagers they’ve never met. Happens every time someone like Chris Garrett reneges on a commitment. To check out some of the griping, visit Gregg Ellis‘ blog:

To review: Garrett, a junior quarterback at Tupelo, had committed to Mississippi State. Then yesterday, he changed his mind and committed to LSU. That got Bulldog fans worked into a lather, with many of them wishing Garrett the worst of luck in Baton Rouge.

Amid all the spewed venom, a salient point was made by many blog posters: Garrett went back on his word. It really is that simple, and no amount of justification will change that. His mistake was committing so soon, although I suppose the pressure to secure a scholarship offer early can be great.

Here are Garrett’s stats from 2007: 98-for-178 (55.1%), 1,739 yards, 18 TDs, 11 INTs. He averaged only 13.7 pass attempts per game. I believe he’ll need to double that next season for the Golden Wave, which is thin at running back, to be successful.

Today’s question, then: Will Garrett ever see the field at LSU?



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3 responses to “Chris Garrett & LSU

  1. tcfan

    I heard this yesterday and agree with it. Chris Garrett sounds like another Blake Barnes situation. I hope he sees the field, but LSU’s going to get a 4 and 5 star recruit at QB every year they want them, at this current point in time. A down year might cause that to go away, but with the way they’re taking care of business, it’s going to be a LOT harder for Garrett to see the field at LSU than MSU. I commend him for doing what he wants though. If he believes he can go to LSU and beat out some guys for PT, I commend his confidence.

  2. I have to say TC hit the nail on the head when he compared this situation to the one with Blake Barnes at Georgia… As for all the State fans getting up in arms over the situation – I have to question: would you rather have someone that wanted to play for you on the team vs someone that wanted to be somewhere else on the team?

    The pressure on Juniors to make early decisions is crazy and a bit unjust in my opinion, but they do have every right to change their mind just like the next person…

  3. tcfan

    I think he’ll eventually change his mind.

    I wouldn’t doubt if Miles made him make a decision by the end of the week to decommit or they’ll stop recruiting. Garrett seems to be a good kid with his head on straight. We still have more than 10 months until signing day. If you don’t think Garrett won’t travel an hour and fifteen minutes to Starkville for a recruiting visit between now and then you’re crazy. I still think he’ll end up a Bulldog.

    Another BIG thing, Mississippi is stacked with great high school QB’s this year. Jamie Collins, Chris Garrett, Tyler Russell, and Clayton Moore are all guys the instate schools will be begging to stay instate. If Ole Miss or Mississippi State each get one, they should be happy because all can make a difference on the next level IMO.

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