Mississippi/Alabama All-Star Games

Yay, I’m plugged in. Alabama won 89-86. Johnson had 12 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds. Barrett took team MVP honors with 26 points, 13 boards. Jones had 19 for Alabama, while Harris scored 18 and was team MVP.

On to the boys!

Going to OT, and I’ll have to get back to you. Battery’s almost gone.

:05, 2nd half: Mississippi 79, Alabama 79. Bama’s raining 3s all of a sudden. Lyndsay Harris hit the last two.

:28, 2nd half: Mississippi 78, Alabama 76.

:34, 2nd half: Mississippi 78, Alabama 73.

:59, 2nd half: Mississippi 76, Alabama 71.

1:49, 2nd half: Mississippi 74, Alabama 71.

Misssissippi took its first lead in a while, but Alabama just answered. With 3:17 to go, Bama’s up 69-68.

Gonna have to shut her down until I can find an outlet my cord will reach. Battery’s low.

Just got to Pelham, Ala., with about 8:00 left in the first half of the girls game. It’s now halftime, with Mississippi leading 39-34 in a back-and-forth affair. Apparently the game started about 25 minutes late because of a power outage. From what I’ve seen so far, Mississippi has an advantage inside.

Some stats: LaSondra Barrett (Murrah), one of those post players, leads Mississippi with 9 points. Ashley Daniels (Coldwater) has 5 rebounds. Di’Amber Johnson (Pontotoc), the lone NeMiss rep here, has 6 points – on two 3-pointers – 2 assists and 2 rebounds.

For Alabama, Paige Anderson (Spring Garden) and Courtney Jones (Midfield) have 9 points apiece.

Mississippi is shooting 37.8% from the field to Alabama’s 27.5%. Key number: Mississippi is 5-for-6 from 3-point range.

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