Mississippi/Alabama All-Star Boys

Final: Alabama 101, Mississippi 99. Osby hit a 3-pointer with 3 seconds left, but Mississippi had no timeouts to burn. Clock ran out, though Alabama inbounded for some reason.

:24, 2nd half: Alabama 99, Mississippi 93.

1:17, 2nd half: Alabama 94, Mississippi 93.

2:45, 2nd half: Alabama 92, Mississippi 90.

5:14, 2nd half: Mississippi 84, Alabama 84.

8:26, 2nd half: Mississippi 78, Alabama 75.

Correction: Jones had 8 at half. So did Osby. Stat dudes screwed up.

14:49, 2nd half: Alabama 59, Mississippi 58. Osby’s back.

Halftime: Tied at 44-44. Falando Jones (Greenwood) leads Mississippi with 16 points. Wayne Dedrick (Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa) has 13.

3:17, 1st half: Alabama 36, Mississippi 28. Osby went down after getting tangled up with Harris. He was screaming and holding his left knee. Not sure he’ll return, but he walked off on his own.

6:26, 1st half: Alabama 27, Mississippi 26.

8:00, 1st half: Alabama 24, Mississippi 19.

13:57, 1st half: Mississippi 14, Alabama 12. Whoa, somebody just played defense!

NeMiss players in this game: Justin Gillard (Oxford) and Latavious Williams (Starkville).

Mississippi starters: Brandon Fortenberry (Picayune), Dale Hughes (New Hope), Romero Osby (NE Lauderdale), Scottie Haralson (Provine), Rashanti Harris (New Hope).


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