Job Openings

The coaching carousel hasn’t been spinning very fast. Not yet, anyway. Remember last year, when 15 NeMiss football teams got new coaches? We had about that many new basketball coaches, too.

Well, thus far, we have four new football coaches: Mark Bray (South Pontotoc), Jack Clark (Nettleton), Ron Price (New Albany) and Brian Sims (Starkville Academy). In basketball, Brad Gray has been hired to coach New Albany’s boys.

Here are the current NeMiss openings of which I’m aware. I was in Jackson for two weeks and finally have basketball (mostly) off the brain, so let me know if I’m missing something:

• Vardaman football

• Amory girls basketball

• Hamilton boys basketball

• Ripley boys basketball

• Tupelo boys basketball

• Mooreville slow-pitch softball

So for today’s question: Who do you think would be a good fit at each of these places? 



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2 responses to “Job Openings

  1. rebelnate

    Hey Brad there is a coach by the name of Bryan Walker that is coming to the area. He is from South Mississippi and was the head coach At Mclaurin High School for several years but has been out of coaching for the last 6 or 7 years. He has an awesome football mind and I think where ever he turns up he will make some noise.

  2. sportseditor

    Anyone heard about Trey Rolison, he resigned from New Albany and I know he is looking, has he found a spot yet. He would make a great head coach.

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