Reflections on Basketball

So, how many NeMiss teams did you think would win a state championship this season? We wound up with three of them, with East Webster the only real surprise. Prior to the season, I figured we could easily get twice that many. Apologies to 2A champ H.W. Byers, who I had behind Belmont in the preseason rankings.

Speaking of that, I am putting together the final basketball rankings this week. Probably will release those Friday.

In Wednesday’s Journal, I will be taking a quick peek at next season. I’d like your thoughts on who you think will be contenders in 2008-09. Can Tupelo’s girls get back to Jackson? Will Myrtle’s boys finally get over the hump? Will New Hope’s boys win a game? (I kid.)

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good year overall for NeMiss teams. We sent 13 teams to the Big House, which makes me feel sort of smart, seeing as I said we would get 12-15 teams there. But, as I expected, we took a pretty big hit in the first round.

The Grand Slam was, I think, a success. Anyone who doesn’t like the overall tournament has obviously not attended it. It’s growing and will be around awhile. Kudos to Aberdeen’s fans for showing up big time.

On to baseball. And softball.


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