Grand Slam: Girls Final

Final stats: For Gentry, Washington had 36 points, and she was 14-for-16 at the free throw line. Walker scored 14, while Crawford added 13.

For Murrah, Barrett scored 28 to go with 11 rebounds; Brandi Simmons had 18 points; and Tanecka Carey scored 14.

Rebounds: Murrah 44 (21 offense, 23 defense), Gentry 36 (19 offense, 17 defense).

All-Tournament Team:

G Tanecka Carey, Jr., Murrah
G Brizannai Washington, So., Gentry
F LaSondra Barrett, Sr., Murrah
F Ashley Daniels, Sr., Coldwater
F Veronica Walker, Sr., Gentry
Championship game MVP: Washington

Final: Gentry 80, Murrah 75. That’s back-to-back Slam titles for Gentry, and back-to-back 40-0 seasons. So 80 straight wins. Whale of a game, girls. Stats forthcoming, but Washington unofficially had 36 points.

:42.3, 2OT: Gentry 78, Murrah 72. Gentry just took timeout.

1:40, 2OT: We’ve just seen the last of Barrett. She fouled out, sending Washington to the line. Barrett had 28 points. … Washington now has 32, and Gentry’s up 76-67.

3:04, 2OT: Gentry 73, Murrah 67. Washington’s got all 6 points.

End of OT: Still 67-all. Murrah had two looks – including a 3-pointer(!) – but couldn’t convert. Hate if for you if you’re not here.

:27.5, OT: Gentry 67, Murrah 67. Barrett just drained a big 3-pointer for Murrah. Big girl steppin’ out!

1:07, OT: Gentry 65, Murrah 64. Janice Okeke hit 1 of 2 free throws, and now Gentry’s going to the line. … Ashney Simpson misses the front end of a 1-and-1.

2:01, OT: Crawford just fouled out for Gentry. Had 13 points. Gentry’s up 65-63.

2:05, OT: Gentry 65, Murrah 61. Washington has all four points.

End 4th quarter: Tied 61-61. Sorry, wi-fi went down. Washington had quite the fourth quarter.

4:43, 4th quarter: Gentry 54, Murrah 50. Barrett, Murrah’s McDonald’s All-American, just picked up her fourth foul. She’s staying in for now.

Washington is back. Just got a steal and layup. Gentry’s up 49-48.

End 3rd quarter: Murrah 48, Gentry 45. Gentry could be in trouble if Washington can’t return. Gotta get Walker some more touches.

1:09, 3rd quarter: Murrah 46, Gentry 45. Washington, Gentry’s point guard, was on the floor a couple of minutes after getting fouled. She turned her ankle in the first quarter and hasn’t, as coach Russell noted, been herself today. Not quite sure what she hurt on that last play. … They’re wrapping her right knee now.

Under 2 to go, Gentry’s up 45-44.

Murrah is going real big right now: Four girls 5-11 or taller are in the game, including 6-2 Kierra Dampier, sister of Erick. It’s making for some mismatches against Gentry’s defense.

Half stats: Simmons has 10 for Murrah, while Tanecka Carey has 9 and LaSondra Barrett 8. For Gentry, Walker has 10, and four of her six rebounds are offensive.

Halftime: Gentry 34, Murrah 32. They just counted a bucket by Simmons at the horn, even though she clearly did not get it off in time. Oh well. Stats forthcoming.

2:13, 2nd quarter: Gentry 28, Murrah 28.

End 1st quarter: Gentry 17, Murrah 15. There’s been some up-and-down, but Murrah’s been able to set up some good shots. Crawford has 6 points for Gentry; Brandi Simmons has 6 for Murrah.

2:01, 1st quarter: Gentry 12, Murrah 9.

Pontotoc coach Bill Russell is sitting next to me here on press row, and he gave a very succinct analysis of this game: If it gets to be up-and-down, Gentry will win; if it becomes a halfcourt game, Murrah. I give Gentry the edge because its guards are markedly better than Murrah’s, but the Lady Rams, with Veronica Walker and Brittany Crawford, can hold their own with Murrah’s bigs

Murrah vs. Gentry about to tip. Again, I pick Gentry to go 40-0 again, which would make it 80 straight.


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