Grand Slam: Boys Final

Well, the official game stats had Blair with 19 points. I think that’s wrong, but I’ll go with it. Haralson had 19 points also. Hughes had 14, Harris 13 for New Hope. Provine committed only two – two! – turnovers.

All-Tournament Team

G Carl Blair, Jr., Provine
G Scottie Haralson, Sr., Provine
G Dale Hughes, Sr., New Hope
C Rashanti Harris, Sr., New Hope
F Johnthan Banks, Jr., East Webster
Championship game MVP: Blair

Final: Provine 60, New Hope 41. I must say, I’m disappointed with how non-competitive this was. New Hope never really showed up – musta been last night’s prom. The Trojans got as close as seven points in the third quarter, but point guard Carl Blair helped put them away. He scored 25 points and earned game MVP honors.

5:48, 4th quarter: Provine 52, New Hope 38. New Hope coach Robert Byrd got T’d up after a foul call, and Provine turned that into a five-point possession.

End 3rd quarter: Provine 44, New Hope 36. Haralson was held scoreless that quarter. Harris has 10 points, Hughes 14 for New Hope.

3:14, 3rd quarter: Provine 36, New Hope 29. Trojans opening the quarter on an 11-2 run.

Barlow won the slam dunk contest. Jumped over a ball rack.

Stats: Haralson with 18 points, and nobody else in double figures. Harris has only five; same with Hughes, which means neither scored in the second quarter.

Halftime: Provine 34, New Hope 18. Time for the slam dunk finals!

1:27, 2nd quarter: Provine 34, New Hope 18. The Rams are on an 18-1 run, and Haralson has 18 points already. He’s hit three 3-pointers in the last 2:30.

5:10, 2nd quarter: Provine 18, New Hope 17. New Hope had a 9-0 run to take the lead for a moment.

End 1st quarter: Provine 16, New Hope 11. Scottie Haralson has six points on two 3-pointers. He’s getting open looks, which is not good news for New Hope. Rashanti Harris and Dale Hughes have five apiece for the Trojans.

New Hope vs. Provine, which lost to Lanier in last year’s final. If you’re a uniform nut like me, you’d find it interesting that New Hope, the home team, is wearing its road black unis. Guess they forgot to wash the whites last night. Provine is wearing its road red. Lot of tall dudes in this game.

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