Grand Slam: Provine vs. Aberdeen

Stats: Haralson had 20 points on 6-for-18 shooting, 9 boards. Emery Kelly had 17 points. For Aberdeen, Griffin had 13 points, Steve Curry 11. Aberdeen was called for 26 fouls to Provine’s 10. Aberdeen committed 24 turnovers, Provine 10.

So we have a New Hope-Provine matchup at 3 p.m. Saturday. In the girls, Gentry and Murrah in a rematch of last year (1 p.m.). I know all the NeMiss teams are gone, but if you actually enjoy great basketball, you gotta come and support the Slam. We need it to stay here.

Final: Provine 59, Aberdeen 44. A good fight, Bulldogs.

3:00, 4th quarter: Provine 46, Aberdeen 38. The Bulldogs got within six, but Haralson just hit two free throws.

5:35, 4th quarter: Provine 42, Aberdeen 34. It matches Provine’s biggest lead, and Aberdeen is still searching for its first points of the quarter.

End 3rd quarter: Provine 40, Aberdeen 34. Well, the Bulldogs aren’t going quietly. Aberdeen’s Jacolby Smith had a big, nasty block of Jalen Courtney, to whom he gives up probably 5-6 inches.

4:36, 3rd quarter: Provine 31, Aberdeen 24. Scottie Haralson has nine points already this quarter, and there’s your difference; he had only three in the first half.

Stats: Three Rams have four points. Ricky Bell has 8 for Aberdeen, which is out-rebounding Provine 15-10 but has committed 12 turnovers to the Rams’ 5.

Halftime: Provine 20, Aberdeen 20. That’s despite the Bulldogs going scoreless for 6 minutes, 1 second. William Curry hit a jumper with 2 seconds left to tie it for Aberdeen. Stats in a moment.

1:54, 2nd quarter: Provine 19, Aberdeen 16. Provine’s trapping 2-3 is giving the Bulldogs fits – five turnovers this period.

End 1st quarter: Aberdeen 14, Provine 12. As they might would have said back during the old Grand Slam era, it was a spirited first quarter. Aberdeen’s going right at the taller Rams. The Bulldogs are playing a man defense, while Provine’s in a 2-3.

2:56, 1st quarter: Aberdeen 9, Provine 4.

Aberdeen, as expected, brought a large crowd. Interesting matchup here. Provine clearly has the size advantage, but I’d give Aberdeen an edge in overall speed and athleticism. We’ll see.



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3 responses to “Grand Slam: Provine vs. Aberdeen

  1. tupelopixdotcom

    I know this one was exciting and all, but you sure missed an interesting one in the Georgia dome tonight 🙂

  2. What I wouldn’t give to have heard Jack’s reaction when it all went down, but glad to hear everything turned out well in the ATL…

    As for Brad’s point about coming out to the Grand Slam – indeed do so… Don’t let any trips to the Big House keep you from coming out to watch the games tomorrow… This is what a tournament is suppose to be like!

  3. tupelopixdotcom

    I’m gonna try to catch the boys final. Should be a good one!

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