Grand Slam: Newton vs. New Hope

Final: New Hope 89, Newton 64. Stats to come. … Harris finished with 20 points and 20 rebounds. Teammate Ray Knight added 17 points, and Dale Hughes scored 14. Newton got 13 points each from Gill and Grace. New Hope out-rebounded Newton 65-33(!).

5:16, 4th quarter: New Hope 67, Newton 52. Newton had trimmed it to 60-50, but can’t sustain anything. Another big jam for Harris (17 points now).

6:17, 4th quarter: New Hope 61, Newton 50. Tigers ain’t going away. But Newton just got a technical for having too many guys on the floor. Some confusion on a substitution, I guess.

End of 3rd quarter: New Hope 59, Newton 41. It’s all but over. Harris had a thunderous dunk – and missed one thunderously – and he’s got 15 points.

4:36, 3rd quarter: New Hope 43, Newton 35. Harris just blocked shots back-to-back, is grabbing boards as usual. I’m afraid Newton just has nothing for the Trojans.

Halftime: New Hope 41, Newton 31. Harris is making his presence felt on both ends. The quicker but smaller Tigers can’t do much once they get into the paint. Both teams are racking up the fouls. Harris has a team-high 13 points; Hughes is still stuck on 7. Brandon Gill has 9 points for Newton. … Harris also has 12 rebounds; he’s played 12 minutes.

3:14, 2nd quarter: New Hope 30, Newton 21. Tigers getting dominated inside. Harris just had a big dunk, has 7 points.

4:16, 2nd quarter: New Hope 25, Newton 19.

End 1st quarter: New Hope 18, Newton 12. Dale Hughes of New Hope leads all scorers with 7 points; Harris has 4. Keondre Hodges has five for Newton.

4:01, 1st quarter: New Hope 10, Newton 4. Harris just checked in.

Wow, Harris isn’t starting. Some disciplinary thing, perhaps? Or is New Hope really not taking this thing seriously?

The big question: Can Newton’s 6-foot-6 Chucky Curry do anything with New Hope’s 6-10 all-star, Rashanti Harris? I’m not too optimistic, but Newton point guard Antonio Grace, last night’s hero, could be an equalizer.


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