Grand Slam: Murrah vs. SE Lauderdale

Final: Murrah 63, SE Lauderdale 56. Lauderdale turned it over down three, and that was it. Okeke finished with a game-high 21 points. Ivy and Ruffin had 17 apiece for SE Lauderdale.

:32.6, 4th quarter: Murrah 57, SE Lauderdale 56. Murrah’s got a 1-and-1 coming.

Under 2:00 to go, Murrah up 55-52. SE Lauderdale had a chance to take the lead but turned it over. Murrah has the ball, working the clock.

4:11, 4th quarter: Murrah 53, SE Lauderdale 49.

End of 3rd quarter: Murrah 50, SE Lauderdale 44. SE Lauderdale’s getting a bit sloppy, and that size difference is starting to show.

1:55, 3rd quarter: Murrah 46, SE Lauderdale 41. Bit of a run here by Murrah, led by its inside players .

3:49, 3rd quarter: SE Lauderdale 38, Murrah 37. Good back-and-forth action. You’re missing it. Forget work and get down here.

Halftime: SE Lauderdale 29, Murrah 29. Murrah finished pretty strong there. Stats in a moment. … Ivy with 15 points for Lauderdale; Janice Okeke has 13 for Murrah, while McDonald’s All-American LaSondra Barrett has has only two points and four rebounds.

2:31, 2nd quarter: SE Lauderdale 27, Murrah 22. Murrah is getting a lot of one-and-dones, and not getting it inside at will.

4:25, 2nd quarter: SE Lauderdale 23, Murrah 19. Ruffin just made a sweet left-handed layup – she’s a righty. Then hit a free throw.

End of 1st quarter: SE Lauderdale 17, Murrah 12. The Lady Tigers are definitely holding their own, closing the period on a 9-2 run. Martika Ivy, a 5-11 senior, already has 10 points. And if Lauderdale can hang with Murrah’s bevy of bigs, the upset is quite possible.

By the way, I need to make my predictions for today: SE Lauderale in an upset; New Hope over Newton; Gentry over Coldwater; and what the hey, Aberdeen over Provine in another upset.


Just under 3:00 to go, first quarter, and SE Lauderdale just took a 13-10 lead on Lucy Ruffin‘s 3-pointer.

Just tipped off the semifinal round, with 5A champ Murrah taking on 3A champ Southeast Lauderdale in girls action. My belly is full from a tasty lunch at Fairpark Grill, right next to the BancorpSouth Arena here. Speaking of the Grill, you can join us – well, Parrish Alford and Gregg Ellis, for sure – there Sunday about 4 p.m. for a Selection Sunday party. There, I made the plug.


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