Grand Slam: Coldwater vs. Gentry

Final: Gentry 42, Coldwater 35. Walker finished with 13 points, 12 boards and five blocks. Washington had 16 points. Daniels had 9 for Coldwater.

3:10, 4th quarter: Gentry 40, Coldwater 34. Gentry’s going for the kill.

5:36, 4th quarter: 32-all.

End 3rd quarter: Coldwater 30, Gentry 29.

1:02, 3rd quarter: Coldwater 30, Gentry 29. By the way, some quick half stats: Brizannai Washington had 8 points for Gentry; Ashley Daniels and Kayla Davis had 6 each for Coldwater.

Halftime: Coldwater 22, Gentry 20. Coldwater ended the quarter with a nice push. Gentry had led 18-13. Stats coming.

2:13, 2nd quarter: Gentry 18, Coldwater 16. Gentry’s Veronica Walker is blocking shots left and right.

Coldwater has its first lead and is up 13-10, about 5:30 left.

End of 1st quarter: Gentry 8, Coldwater 6. A real barn-burner.

Ashley Daniels finally gets that field goal at the 2:22 mark. 6-3 now.

2:45, 1st quarter: Gentry 6, Coldwater 1. Obviously, Coldwater is still looking for its first field goal. Seem to be a little tight.

Time for what is expected to be a battle royale between the only two undefeated teams in the state: 1A champ Coldwater (35-0) and 4A champ Indianola Gentry (38-0). Gentry’s winning streak is at 78 games. Good crowd here already; just wait ’til the Aberdeen-Provine game at 7:30.


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