Newton-East Webster

Stats: Grace finished with 17 points, 4 assists. Chucky Curry, a 6-6 senior, had 18 points and 8 boards. Banks had 31 points, 14 rebounds, 8 blocks. McCurry scored 18.

Final: Newton 66, East Webster 64. Jermaine Liggins tied it at 28 seconds with two free throws. Then Grace hit a driving layup with 6 seconds left, and McCurry’s long 3-pointer was off. NeMiss teams are 0-for-2. Newton gets New Hope tomorrow. Oh joy.

:41, 4th quarter: Newton 64, East Webster 62. EW briefly took the lead on a McCurry bucket, but Newton answered with Steve Edwards‘ 3-pointer.

1:01, 4th quarter: Newton 61, East Webster 60. Newton has the ball.

2:12, 4th quarter: Newton 59, East Webster 58. Newton went to the stall, with Grace dribbling from the 6:00 mark to 2:30, when EW finally came out on him. EW got a turnover and Banks bucket.

6:10, 4th quarter: Newton 59, East Webster 56. Grace has missed a bunch of layups, a few blocked by Banks.

End 3rd quarter: Newton 55, East Webster 54. Banks is flirting with a triple-double. He’s got double-digit points and rebounds, and now he’s got eight blocks. But EW keeps missing close-in shots, by guys not named Banks or McCurry.

4:48, 3rd quarter: Tied at 46. Before the half began, one of the officials told me it felt like he was in a track meet. It’s been up-and-down all night.

Halftime: East Webster 40, Newton 37. Newton took the lead a few times, but Johnthan Banks and McCurry have been on fire. Banks has 18 points (and two dunks), McCurry 13. That’s about right for this team. East Webster is shooting 54.5 percent from the field.

Jeff King, a coach at Nettleton, just won some free throw competition. And he won by making only two in 30 seconds! Gotta rag him about that later.

4:23, 2nd quarter: Newton just tied it 29-29, in the midst of a 9-2 run.

6:42, 2nd quarter: East Webster 25, Newton 20.

End of 1st quarter: East Webster 21, Newton 13. But I’ve got a feeling the Tigers will get it going. Point guard Antonio Grace, who was selected to play in the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star Game, will have to settle them down.

2:26, 1st quarter: East Webster 15, Newton 8. Mitchell McCurry already has 6 points. But the Wolverines are missing too many point-blank shots.

The boys 1A/2A set to begin.


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  1. jeffkcoach

    Brad, you can rag all you want to. I won a $700 recliner. Coach Gardner told me I better stick to coaching football. He told me to stay away from his free throw shooters. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

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