Grand Slam: Coldwater vs. H.W. Byers

Final: Coldwater 58, Byers 45. Stats forthcoming.

:26 left: Coldwater 53, Byers 45. Byers just turned it over. Oh well.

1:53, 4th quarter: Coldwater 51, Byers 42.

And another three for Parker. And Coldwater answers. It’s picking up.

Marian Parker just nailed a 3-pointer to draw Byers within 44-38, but Futrell answered with a layup. 46-38, just over 4:00 left.

6:42, 4th quarter: Coldwater leads 42-33. Byers is getting some good looks inside, not to mention offensive rebounds, but is having trouble finishing.

End of 3rd quarter: Coldwater 40, Byers 30. Byers began the game rather listless, and it’s having trouble with the fast point guard, Lanita Futrell. Ryan still hasn’t got it going; in fact, point guard Rachel Jones has been doing most of the work – she had eight of her team’s 12 points this quarter.

Coldwater is up 40-26 thanks to a 9-0 run. Third quarter nearly over.

Byers is within 29-24 midway through the third.

Got to touch a Super Bowl ring before the game. Dexter McCleon, who won a title with the Rams, is here to watch his cousin, Newton point guard Antonio Grace. Had a nice chat. McCleon, who’s from Meridian, retired from the NFL after this past season, when he played in Houston. Currently living in Atlanta, he’s looking for a high school head coaching job in Mississippi.

Due to wi-fi troubles, my live game blog is late starting. The girls 1A/2A play-in game has begun. About to start the second half, Coldwater leading 26-18.

Kayla Davis leads Coldwater with 10 points. Simone Ryan, Byers’ big girl in the middle, has just one point.


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