Gland Slam back in Tupelo …

From today’s Daily Journal … Revived Grand Slam begins second run.

Which teams or players are you going to be looking for at the Grand Slam?



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3 responses to “Gland Slam back in Tupelo …

  1. tupelopixdotcom

    Aberdeen vs. Provine. Who you got on this one, Brad?

  2. tyndall15

    Brad, I am looking forward to seeing a potential Coldwater-Gentry matchup, plus the SE vs. Murrah. Murrah is good, but they can get frustrated and Coach Jackson takes them into the locker room at half time and gets their heads straight and it can be a different team in the second half.
    One side not about Murrah which I noticed when they came to Tupelo. Notice the young ladies attire and demeanor especially post game. Coach Jackson is trying to coach basketball and also how to act like a lady.

  3. Aberdeen-Provine is an intriguing matchup. Provine has more overall size – three guys 6-6 or taller, if memory serves correct – and it has Scottie Haralson. But Fred Griffin is an inside force with range, and you know those Bulldogs can run and jump with the best of them. I really think it’ll be a close game.

    As for Coldwater-Gentry, I wish that could happen in the championship game. Of course, H.W. Byers is no pushover. I just love some of the matchups we have this year, more so than the ones last season.

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