East Webster vs. Durant

Final: East Webster 65, Durant 58. Finally hit some free throws, and Durant had a big travel call go against it with 14 seconds left and EW up 63-58. Congrats, Wolverines.

McCurry scored 20 of his 36 points in the final quarter. Great player.

19.3, 4th quarter: East Webster 61, Durant 58. Two more coming for McCurry.

39.8, 4th quarter: East Webster 59, Durant 56. McCurry has one more at the line. Free throws have killed the Wolverines this period, especially McCurry

1:11, 4th quarter: East Webster 58, Durant 53, and the Wolverines are about to get two free throws.

3:31, 4th quarter: East Webster 48, Durant 47, and the Wolverines have a one-and-one coming after the timeout. McCurry has nine points this period.

End 3rd quarter: Durant 37, East Webster 36. Akeem Moore is killing the Wolverines.

Halftime: East Webster 22, Durant 21. Banks had to sit out 2:41 with two fouls, and Mitchell McCurry still hasn’t got it going consistently (8 points). Plus, too many outside shots are coming from the Wolverines’ non-shooters. Durant is hitting the offensive glass pretty well. Banks has 12 points.

3:05, 2nd quarter: East Webster 17, Durant 15.

End of 1st quarter: East Webster 12, Durant 4. Johnthan Banks has nine points.

3:26, 1st quarter: East Webster 8, Durant 2. It took Durant nearly four minutes to score. Neither team is shooting well.

The 1A boys final approacheth. Durant beat East Webster by two points in the South half championship, so should be a good close one. Coldwater just dismantled East Oktibbeha in the 1A girls. April Sykes had 22 points, most of them coming too late. She was 8-for-32 from the floor.


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