Aberdeen vs. Columbia

Final: Aberdeen 79, Columbia 50. Yay!

It’s now 71-41, under 3:00 to play. Comin’ to Tupelo!

6:10, 4th quarter: Aberdeen 63, Columbia 41. Bulldogs have opened quarter on 8-0 run. They can taste it.

3:48, 3rd quarter: Aberdeen 49, Columbia 28. Hard to come back on a team so deep and athletic. Columbia’s running out of time and opportunities.

Halftime: Aberdeen 42, Columbia 23.

3:39, 2nd quarter: Aberdeen 35, Columbia 14. The pace has slowed a bit, but Columbia can’t make any headway.

Early 2nd quarter: Aberdeen 30, Columbia 9. Big man Fred Griffin has two 3-pointers.

3:22, 1st quarter: Aberdeen 19, Columbia 2. Bulldogs raced out to a 15-0 lead.

Time for the 3A boys final. Both teams like to run and gun, so this should be fun.



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3 responses to “Aberdeen vs. Columbia

  1. rebelnate

    One of the best teams in the sate they will prove it at grand slams

  2. tupelopixdotcom

    THANK THE LORD!! Northeast Mississippi FINALLY got some gold. ‘Bout time. It would be excellent if they’d win it all here in tupelo next.

  3. tcfan

    I’d love to see Aberdeen vs. New Hope, also would like to see Provine vs. New Hope.

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