Starkville vs. Provine

OK, I was told that the rule is that if there is .3 or less on the clock, the shot must be tapped in. Now, Williams says the ball was out of his hands before the buzzer – and he didn’t grab the ball so much as push it down – but when the horn goes off is irrelevant; the rule takes precedence. It was the right call, in my opinion. Hate it for Starkville, though.

Final: Provine 57, Starkville 55. Ended in controversy. Lamarcus Reese missed a 3-pointer, and Provine knocked the rebound out of bounds with one-tenth of a second left. Starkville lobbed it to Williams, who quickly dunked it, but the ref waved it off. I dunno, looked like it beat the horn. The officials sprinted off the court like the building was on fire.

End 3rd quarter: Provine 46, Starkville 37. Haralson finally got loose, scoring 11 points. Jonathan Harris had been doing a good job defensively to that point, but Williams was switched to him.

Halftime: Provine 26, Starkville 19. The Yellowjackets got within 18-13. Provine’s Scottie Haralson has only two points. His 6-foot-7 teammate, Emery Kelly, has missed three dunks, made one. Latavious Williams has six points for Starkville.

End of 1st quarter: Provine 13, Starkville 4, despite six Rams turnovers. Starkville can’t get it going inside, but this happened the other day, remember? Of course, this is Provine.

Starkville trying to avenge a 65-49 loss to the Rams in the 5A North half semis. Almost time to tip off this state semifinal.



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2 responses to “Starkville vs. Provine

  1. tcfan

    Brad, I’m not trying to get you to be unprofessional, but is the refs a little “Jackson-ish”, or is Starkville just playing under par?

  2. tcfan

    Ok, you answered my question with the ending.

    How pathetic? If it comes down to debatable, let them go to OT and see who wins?

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