H.W. Byers vs. Philadelphia

Final: Byers 63, Philly 59. Byers couldn’t hit free throws down the stretch, but Philly couldn’t hit anything at all. Great job by coach Jason Thompson. Second year in a row he’s put Philly out.

50 seconds to go: Byers 63, Philly 59. Byers has the ball, just took a timeout after two Logan free throws.

3:55 to go: Byers 58, Philly 57. Points are getting harder to come by. Byers has committed four straight turnovers. These games are on TV, by the way, so not sure how helpful this is. Oh well.

End of 3rd quarter: Byers 56, Philly 55. Logan and Danielle Cole are on fire, but so is Byers. Both teams shot better than 50 percent this quarter. Eight minutes from Tupelo!

Halftime: Philly 37, Byers 36. Tiara Logan has 15 for Philly, but Byers came from nine down to take a short-lived lead. Great game so far.

End of 1st quarter: Philly 22, Byers 19. Nice, free-flowing game. Very entertaining. Rachel Jones needs to finish better at the goal for Byers, though.

Time for the 2A girls championship, the first title game of the tournament.


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