Brookhaven vs. Gentry

Final: Gentry 76, Brookhaven 69, OT. The streak reaches 77, and the Lady Rams will face Yazoo County in the final. Washington, a quick little point guard, scored nine of Gentry’s 15 OT points. Don’t know if I’ll be able to blog Ridgeland-New Hope; gotta give up my ethernet line.

Headed to overtime, 61-61. What a final minute. Brookhaven got a turnover and bucket to tie, then the teams traded baskets, with Brookhaven’s Whitley Shannon hitting a putback with 9 seconds left.

Byrd’s been good. Gentry’s lead is 59-57 with 41.1 seconds left, and it has the ball.

Byrd checks back in at 4:26, and Gentry is ahead 51-43. Wow.

Gentry goes ahead 44-43 on Brizannai Washington‘s 3-pointer at the 7:30 mark. A 9-0 Rams run.

End of 3rd quarter: Brookhaven 43, Gentry 39. It was 43-35. Ooh, now we get to listen to Souljah Boy‘s “Superman.” A disgusting song if you understand what he’s talking about. The Big House: Your one-stop shop for hoops and hos!

Brookhaven just got back-to-back 3-point plays to pull ahead 40-34 with 2:45 left in the third. Timeout, Gentry.

Byrd just picked up foul No. 4 with 4:32 to go in the third. We’re tied 34-all.

Halftime: Brookhaven 30, Gentry 27. Anyone smell an upset? Too soon to say. Here comes New Hope on the floor to shoot around. Rashanti Harris is the only one not wearing a black warmup shirt, for what that’s worth.

Call me an old fuddy-dud – and I couldn’t give a rip if you did – but some of the musical selections here at the Big House disturb me. Just heard a snippet of Nelly‘s “It’s Hot in Herre”, or however he misspells it. We’ve been treated to the likes of Eminem and Sir Mix-a-Lot, the lover of big butts. Nice, especially when these degrading songs are played during girls games.

Sorry, had to rant a little. Gentry’s up 24-23 with under 2 to go.

Estimated attendance 2,800, most of them Gentry fans. They travel very well. Brookhaven leads 18-17 with just over 5 minutes left in the second.

End of 1st quarter: Brookhaven 15, Gentry 13. By the way, I feel confident that this is your 4A championship game. The winner gets Yazoo County. Gentry is putting its 76-game winning streak on the line.

I don’t have a game until 6:30 – Houlka vs. East Oktibbeha girls – but I thought I’d slide over here for the afternoon session. Brookhaven and Gentry just tipped off in the girls 4A semis; New Hope and Ridgeland meet in boys action at 2:30.

Should be a great battle between Gentry’s Veronica Walker and Brookhaven’s Swayze Black and Nikki Byrd.


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