Pass Christian vs. Aberdeen

Final: Aberdeen 76, Pass Christian 75. Pass’s Rashad Montgomery hit a shot with 9 seconds left. Steve Curry raced the other way and missed one in the lane, but Jerrid Clay stuck it back in as the horn sounded. Those fans behind me tried to say it didn’t count, but there was no question. No clock troubles for Aberdeen this year.

68-all going into overtime.

Tied at 66-all with 51.7 seconds left. Pass is doing it without Brownlee. Aberdeen looks like it’s trying not to lose. The Bulldogs lost in the final seconds of last year’s semifinals. Gotta finish strong.

Blanchard just fouled out with 4:42 to go. Aberdeen leads 63-55.

End of 3rd quarter: Aberdeen 57, Pass Christian 49. The momentum is clearly in Aberdeen’s favor. And Pass Christian’s 6-4 post standout, Willis Brownlee, is on the bench with an ice pack on his right wrist.

And the Pass fans behind me are whining about the refs. Wah. Like all the loud fans who’ve sat behind me this past week, these guys have shown little to no knowledge of the game of basketball.

Halftime: Tied 40-all. Aberdeen’s Tevin Blanchard hit a fallaway 3-pointer at the buzzer.

End of 1st quarter: Pass 20, Aberdeen 19. I just got out of the postgame interviews, so can’t tell you what’s been happening.



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5 responses to “Pass Christian vs. Aberdeen

  1. Man I hate I missed this game!

  2. I hate it for ya. There were actually two missed shots before Clay’s game-winner. What a finish. Best game I’ve seen all year.

  3. tupelopixdotcom

    That was an amazing behind the back dribble, to missed shot, to put back. I saw the replay on wtva. Thank goodness we have somebody from NE Mississippi with a chance to bring home some gold.

  4. msfan20

    Brad, you need to cut their fans a break. You shouldn’t expect a team’s fans to know much about the game considering they haven’t been to the state tournament since 1925.

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