Wednesday’s Games

I really don’t think I’ll be able to do much, if any, live blogging the rest of the tournament. The Clarion-Ledger guys have two ethernet lines, and both are usually occupied. But I’ll do my best to give updates right after the games.Today at 1 p.m., Pontotoc’s girls take on Brookhaven, last year’s state runner-up, in a 4A game. Hopefully, they can break our little drought (0-for-3). Then at 6:30 in a 1A game, Houlka’s girls play McAdams, which has hit the 100-point mark nine times this season. 



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4 responses to “Wednesday’s Games

  1. tcfan

    I hope Pontotoc can knock off Brookhaven to at least get another shot at Gentry.

  2. tcfan

    Brookhaven 50-Pontotoc 48.

    Make that 0-4.

  3. tupelopixdotcom

    They can’t hook up some wireless for you to use?

  4. This is the MHSAA, man. They can’t do anything first-rate. And the Coliseum is stuck in the 20th century. Actually, there is wireless in the media room – and boy, is that place bare-bones – but a lot of good that does me during the game.

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