Tip-off Time! Lake vs. Belmont

Final: Lake 65, Belmont 59. That freshman, Donald, had a big fourth. More to come.

Not looking good for Belmont. Lake’s up 60-55 with 1:00 to go and has the ball.

With 3:59 left, Lake’s up 54-51. Lake picking up intensity. Belmont took a timeout. Page is still getting it done.

End of 3rd: 45-all. Belmont’s not getting to the line like it was earlier.

Halftime: Belmont 29, Lake 28. Lake’s guards are noticeably quicker, but Belmont has an advantage inside. Anna Brooke Page leads that inside effort with 10 points. Lake’s 5-11 freshman, Krista Donald, sat most of the second quarter with foul trouble.

Belmont went on 9-0 run. IT’s now 28-25 Lake with under 2 to go.

Lake’s up 26-16 with under 6 to go in first half.

I found an ethernet line, thank goodness. Almost time to tip off the first game of the state tournament: Lake vs. Belmont in 2A girls. I’ll keep y’all up to date. Belmont’s got a nice, big crowd here. Lake broughtly hardly anyone by comparison.



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11 responses to “Tip-off Time! Lake vs. Belmont

  1. tcfan

    I hope the girls aren’t already looking ahead to Philadelphia in the semis. Yeah, Belmont travels very well. I hope the girls for Belmont can pull this one out.

  2. tcfan

    Brad, who’s the leading scorers for Belmont? Are they doing it down low? How’s the game looking from your perspective?

  3. tcfan

    That’s what I figured. The guards had a hard time against HW and Belmont got it done down low with Anna Brooke. Kind of funny though if they go 8-9 deep like they did against Byers, they bring in Kailie Montgumery’s little sister, an 8TH GRADER lol.

  4. Yeah, Kelsey’s getting some minutes and doing a lot of little things. Just got fouled going to the hoop.

  5. nmsreb

    Thanks for the updates………..my radio link isn’t working.

  6. tcfan

    Foul trouble for any Belmont players, Brad?

  7. tcfan

    That sucks. I was hoping with those seniors from Belmont, they would be able to take it home.

  8. Yeah, I thought their experience would win out. But you never know what’ll happen down here. Lake was too quick and simply hit their shots in the fourth quarter. Some stats I didn’t squeeze into my story: Lake shot 49.1 percent from the field to Belmont’s 48.8. So both were hitting, but in the fourth, Lake was 6-for-9, while Belmont was 5-for-14.

    Also, Lake was 8-for-15 from the line in the fourth – not great, but Belmont was 4-for-7 after going 12-13 through three quarters. Lake was 3-for-6 through the first three.

    Anna Brooke Page scored 19 points, Kailie Montgomery 12. Donald, that big freshman, had 19 for Lake. She was the difference-maker.

  9. tcfan

    Sad too, that team was #4 out of their division.

    If Belmont would’ve made the Grand Slam, I guarantee they would bring one of the top crowds overall. The MHSAA lost out on cash when Belmont lost.

  10. Yeah, like I said, Belmont brought a nice crowd. Very enthusiastic, a lot of students. Lake comes from a tough division, though, and it’s peaking at the right time. I still like H.W. Byers to win it all. Don’t know what kind of crowd they’d bring to Tupelo.

  11. tcfan

    Probably well. I went to HW Byers to watch them and Belmont in the 2A North final and the admission there was $8 and they had a gym full.

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