Day 1 Done

Day 1 is done for me. I’ll probably go back out tonight just to watch (nothing good on TV). Two games involving NeMiss teams are set for tomorrow: Aberdeen vs. Raymond in 3A girls at 9 a.m., then Ripley vs. Pass Christian in 3A boys at 2:30 p.m.

Assuming the Clarion-Ledger guys let me borrow an ethernet line again, I’ll do live updates. Can’t guarantee it, I’m afraid.

You may recall that Raymond beat Aberdeen here last year. Should be a great game, and if Jasmine Quinn and Jameika Hoskins get it going, I see Aberdeen pulling it out.

As for Ripley, they’re playing a team that hasn’t made state since 1925(!). The Tigers have the experience, seeing as this is their fourth straight trip to Jackson, and they showed poise in North half by pulling out some close games.

That’s all for today. Now, where to eat supper…


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