I leave early Monday morning for Jackson. Belmont’s girls tip off the state tournament at 1 p.m. against Lake in Class 2A. In all, 13 teams from the Daily Journal coverage area will play in the Big House, but can any of them win it all and advance to the Grand Slam?

Here are the NeMiss teams in the field, with records. Give me your thoughts on who you think can go the distance (and feel free to comment on other teams, of course).

Starkville (5A): 27-3
Aberdeen (3A): 33-3
Ripley (3A): 28-4
East Webster (1A): 21-9
Hickory Flat (1A): 21-15
Myrtle (1A): 31-5
Pontotoc (4A): 31-3
Aberdeen (3A): 29-6
Alcorn Central (3A): 31-5
Belmont (2A): 26-6
H.W. Byers (2A): 33-4
Houlka (1A): 22-12
Pine Grove (1A): 28-11

I’m hoping to have a live blog going during the games, but that will depend on the wi-fi/ethernet capabilities down there. I’m not getting my hopes up. But I will blog daily from Jackson for the next two weeks. Hope to see some of y’all down there.



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4 responses to “Predictions!

  1. I guess we will be Jackson natives for the next two weeks… lol

    I like Aberdeen or Ripley winning 3A boys…

    Myrtle and Coldwater rematch for 1A boys…

    I’m hoping to see HW Byers and Belmont girls play again for the 2A girls championship, but wouldn’t count Water Valley girls out of that mix…

    I’m hoping for a Pontotoc and Gentry rematch in 4A girls with Pontotoc getting the better of them this go around…

  2. tcfan

    I think Belmont will get the better of HW Byers next time. HW Byers had some ‘home cookin’ from what I saw the other night.

  3. hwy78dawg

    Myrtle should get the 1A

  4. tcfan

    Brad, if they happen to have Wi-Fi are you going to give updates for the Belmont/Lake game? I’d love to have updates if you’re there and have Wi-Fi. Thanks man.

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