Jefcoat Goes Home

Bret Jefcoat

Larry Fedora was just getting settled in as the new Southern Miss football coach when he saw Bret Jefcoat. Fedora was watching the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star Classic in December, and what he saw was Jefcoat lead Mississippi to a 26-7 win. The Itawamba AHS quarterback was 8-for-15 for 81 yards and two touchdowns, and he had a key 22-yard run on one scoring drive.

“Hey, I’ve got to get this kid,” Fedora told himself.

He got him. Jefcoat had given Louisiana Tech a verbal commitment in September, but Hattiesburg was too attractive to turn down. Both his parents hail from there, and much of his extended family lives there, too.

“It felt like home,” said Jefcoat, who was a Daily Journal All-Area first-team selection last season.

It also doesn’t hurt that Fedora runs a no-huddle spread offense – a perfect fit for the versatile Jefcoat – and that USM pulled in one of its best recruiting classes in years.

“I hear we got a better recruiting class than Ole Miss and (Mississippi) State, and that’s just awesome,” Jefcoat said.

It was hard for him to tell the Tech coaches about his change of heart, but he’s convinced it’s the right move.

“I love their coaching staff,” he said, “but I felt it had to be about more than just coaches.”



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2 responses to “Jefcoat Goes Home

  1. roastbeef1

    Have you talked with Fedora? If so, do you get the impression from him that Bret can possibly start next year? I know Southern has some young qb’s but they were also Bower’s boys and Jefcoat is one of Fedora’s picks so I was wondering if Bret might be able to jump over them on the depth chart.

  2. I haven’t talked with him. Good question. I hold to the position that it’s usually not wise to start a frosh at QB, but Bret’s got a good head on his shoulders and could probably do pretty well.

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