North Half Host Sites

Here is the North Half host sites list, as found at

1A Girls: Coldwater, Biggersville, West Union, Houlka, Pine Grove

1A Boys:  Hickory Flat, Myrtle, Okolona

2A Girls: New Site, HW Byers

2A Boys: Baldwyn, Ruleville Central

3A Girls: Alcorn Central, Senatobia, South Pontotoc, Mooreville, Aberdeen, Rosa Fort, Nettleton

3A Boys: Booneville, Aberdeen, Ripley, Corinth, South Pontotoc, Rosa Fort, Humphreys County, Alcorn Central

4A Girls: Gentry, Pontotoc, Clarksdale

4A Boys: Oxford, Clarksdale

5A Girls: Warren Central, Clinton, Tupelo, Olive Branch

5A Boys: Clinton, Starkville, Tupelo, Madison Central



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3 responses to “North Half Host Sites

  1. gochieftains94

    brad how does these site selection works. Is it first come basis or what. im pretty sure as long as i been in okolona they havent hosted a north half since i was playing basketball there and that was like 10 years ago. Is it based on the size of your GYm or how does that work.

  2. Not sure of the criteria, to be honest. I know Myrtle hosted last year, which is why they’re not first, but you’d think Okolona would at least be ahead of them. Hickory Flat does have a nice-sized gym, so maybe that was a plus for them.

  3. jeffkcoach

    North Half Bids are selected on the following criteria: seating capacity, parking, quality security plan, sportsmanship, and quality of team. As you can see how good a team is a very small part of getting selecting the sites. This is why they added alternate sites about 6 years ago.

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