Starkville Rolls Into Lanier

With the games he’s scheduled, it’s almost as if Starkville coach Greg Carter wants his team to lose. Truth be told, he’s surprised they’re still undefeated.

He’s concerned less about the Yellowjackets’ 19-0 record than with how they will handle the atmosphere today at Lanier. They play the defending Class 4A and Grand Slam champions at 6 p.m. in the MLK Jr. Classic.

Starkville is ranked No. 1 by the Daily Journal, and the teams are ranked 1-2 in the state by Lanier (21-2) has lost only twice in the six years it’s been in its new gym.

Both teams were originally scheduled to play out-of-state teams, but those teams pulled out. So now we have one sweet in-state showdown.

“It’ll be a state tournament-type atmosphere,” Carter said. “We haven’t played very well in games in Jackson like that.”

The last time Starkville played in Jackson was in last season’s 5A state tournament, where it suffered an upset loss to Forest Hill in the semifinals.

Carter is wanting to test this squad as much as possible. He scheduled a game against Callaway for Saturday, but it was canceled due to weather. Tonight will provide an especially important measuring stick for a team that has been stronger than expected in the backcourt.

“I’m surprised by this team,” said Carter, “because I didn’t think this team would be as good as it is right now. … A lot of our success has been with our guard play. Even though we’ve struggled at times, overall they’ve played pretty well.”

Starkville’s strength, though, is inside with Latavious Williams (6-foot-8) and Chris Brand (6-9). The challenge tonight will come in handling Terry Church, who’s 6-3 but can play high or low. The senior is averaging 23 points per game.

Lanier coach Thomas Billups gives the advantage to Starkville.

“It’s not going to be a matchup, because we can’t match with them,” he said. “They’re so big and tall.”


3 p.m.: Noxubee County vs. Wingfield
4:30 p.m.: Provine vs. Memphis Raleigh-Egypt
6 p.m.: Lanier vs. Starkville



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8 responses to “Starkville Rolls Into Lanier

  1. tcfan

    Horrible move by Starkville. Lanier is known for things “somehow” going their way in their gym if you know what I mean. If I wanted to play Lanier, I’d make Lanier come up to Starkville and get some.

  2. natefromamory

    What a win for Starkville congrats Yellow Jackets huge win

  3. ty1974

    yeah a good win by the yellowjackets. Thats a good move to go there b/c it shows how tuff your team is to go into someone else backyard and beat them..Starkville goes to aberdeen tonight so that should be interesting.Its not about losses its about yo team being battled tested thats why alot of this teams in the north miss area dont do well often b/c they dont go out and play people; they more concern about how many losses they can get. when the tournment starts your record 0-0 SO i would wanna see how my team match up and i would play anytime any where thats starkville coach philosphy.

  4. tcfan

    wow! that’s impressive! what was the final score?

  5. natefromamory

    tcfan I thought you said it was horrible move shows what you know. When is the last time someone from tish county won anything???

  6. Now now, let’s not start anything. I was supposed to be at that game last night in Aberdeen, but I’ve got the flu (even though I got a flu shot in November). Latavious being on the bench was the difference, it seems. I still see Starkville being the team to beat in 5A.

  7. ty1974

    well Brad i hope u feeling better The flu shot suppose to prevent the FLU dont it. “but what do I know” Starkville is the reel deal. aberdeen will be in Jackson this year No doubt about tht.winning a championship is another thing i Think Humphrey County is still a tuff team every year seems like . starkville will be there also.

  8. Yeah, I was thinking the other day that we’ve got a real good shot of sending 12-15 teams to Jackson. We had 11 last year, 6 the year before I think. Pretty strong around here this year.

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