Aberdeen Invitational

Apologies for not having last night’s box scores posted yet. Technical difficulties. Anyway, here’s the schedule for the Aberdeen Invitational, a four-team event that starts Thursday and ends Saturday. No Friday games, which makes it kind of weird.

That West Point-Okolona boys matchup looks interesting, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Okolona fares against Ingomar on Friday in a Region 2-1A game. I’m working on a story for Friday’s paper about the resurgent Falcons and their 6-6 sophomore, Zach Carnell, who will have the pleasure of matching up with Jeremy Newsome.

4 p.m. – (G) West Point vs. Okolona
5:30 – (B) West Point vs. Okolona
7:00 – (G) West Oktibbeha vs. Aberdeen
8:30 – (B) West Oktibbeha vs. Aberdeen


4 p.m. – Girls consolation
5:30 – Boys consolation
7:00 – Girls final
8:30 – Boys final


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2 responses to “Aberdeen Invitational

  1. ty1974

    Brad i think that Ingomar game friday Night will be a big game in the division b/c i think they both are the toughest teams in there region. I dont think carnell matches up at all to tell u the truth. Th eproblem ingomar have is matching up against the 6’5 point guard D.J gardner who can shoot over the top of small defenders. He might be a 9th grader but he is coming strong. okolona 69-ingomar 58

  2. Yeah, the key for Ingomar will be its guard play. I’ve only seen each team play once, but from what I saw, Ingomar’s guards are more disciplined and less mistake-prone. But Okolona has obviously gotten better, and I don’t think it’s just because Newsome is back. Willie Grady’s awfully good.

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